Project: Write a weekly blog to help gain industry recognition, spread expert advice about our industry, establish a reputation of being knowledgeable and an authority in our industry, promote the blog via social media websites, increase long tail SEO, train co-workers how to blog and optimize for search engine results.

Timeline: Project has been ongoing since 2007

Results: Wrote several evergreen blogs and then a wide variety of blogs including top ten lists, point of view articles, expert advice and insight, revealed new research. Increased the number of pages on the website, maintained keyword density. Boosted organic leads over the years.

Sample blog posts:

Baking at MerrideesMerrily Baking at Merridee’s

The Clabber Girl has been on baking powder cans since the turn of the 19th century. Aside from a slight makeover in 1923, the girl has remained the same for decades. The Clabber Girl has become an iconic figure in pop culture and can be seen in many different media. However, there is only one person we know of who has gone so far as to permanently show her baking powder pride by donning the Clabber…

How to Bake A Yule LogHow to Bake a Yule Log

I first came across Yule Logs in French class back in high school where they were called bûche de Noël. I learned how these are a holiday tradition in France and some bakers get really into making their logs look like real wood. You can cut off one end of the log, remove some of the roll and decorate it to look like a branch…