I have been approached by webinar providers to put together presentations about topics in the incentive industry. I have also put together presentations for potential clients, current clients and internal training purposes. All of these presentations were designed in Microsoft PowerPoint.

fccla presentation

fccla presentation

FCCLA Website Re-Design

Webinar Date: January, 18 2016

Description: I was originally asked to be a speaker at the Home Baking Association Annual Conference in Charleston, South Carolina in September 2015. This presentation grew out of that speech when I was asked back by the FCCLA to present at their annual meeting just a few months later. Individual FCCLA organizations would be updating their websites in 2016 and asked for tips on making the process as smooth as possible.

About Awards Network – Service Award Programs

service award programs

service award programs

Webinar Date: Ongoing

Description: While filling in for a sales person out on maternity leave, I identified the need to create a power point presentation for the initial stage of the demonstration process. Demonstrations were being conducted live for each potential client and the slides helped to get everyone acclimated to the company and services. It doubled as a deliverable to send after presentations as a great reference tool.

top 10 ideas presentation

top 10 ideas presentation

Top Ten Ideas to Freshen Up Your Employee Incentive Program & Make it a Success

Webinar Date: April 26, 2012

Description: Much has changed in the way of employee incentive programs over the past couple of years! In this webcast, you will learn about ten different ways to improve your current employee incentive program and make it more successful. If you are thinking about starting an employee incentive program, then you will learn about the top incentive trends you can take advantage of while setting up a new program.

All ten ideas will help to make your employee incentive program relevant and rewarding to participants. Ideas to simplify your incentive program administration, make the program easier to participate in, encourage friendly competition, reward employees on special events, allow for on the spot recognition and encourage participation will be shared in this webcast. Amy Trueblood will also share her past experiences and best practices for creating a modern employee incentive program that will help you achieve your specific goals. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • New trends and ideas for employee incentives
  • How to encourage participation among your employees
  • How to make an incentive program easier to manage and maintain
  • What other companies are doing in their incentive programs
wellness presentation

wellness presentation

Modern Wellness Incentive Programs: Best Practices and Newest Trends

Webinar Date: November 8, 2011

Description: Many survivor employees are helping organizations make it through the hard economic times without asking for anything in return. By implementing a wellness incentive program, you can reward employees while achieving a positive return on investment. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine estimates a return on investment from $3 to $6 in healthcare cost savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs that last from two to five years. Amy Trueblood is an Account Manager and blogger for Awards Network and has over four years of experience with incentive award programs. In this webinar, Amy will present:

  • Wellness program research
  • Best practices for development/implementation
  • How you should communicate the program
  • New trends and approaches
sales presentation

sales presentation

Simplifying Sales Incentives for Success

Webinar Date: February 24, 2012

Description: Sales incentive and rewards programs added to a formal sales compensation plan can dramatically increase performance and boost profits, but putting together an incentive program can be overwhelming. During this webinar we will share proven best practices in setting up a reward and recognition program for your sales staff and teach you how to motivate and excite your team.

You will learn:

  • How to make a sales incentive program simple and easy to understand by separating and clarifying goals.
  • How to take advantage of online tools and customization to simplify and automate the tracking and reporting.
  • How to use email and other media to communicate the program to ensure everyone is engaged and working towards a common goal.