Project: In 2014, I was hired by a national food manufacturer mainly to lead them through a website re-design and re-structure. The company had conducted a survey and found the website wasn’t serving customers in the following areas:

  • Navigation was confusing
  • Content was hidden
  • No industrial information was presented for larger scale customers
  • There was only one contact us form on the entire website
  • The website was completely made in HTML

Timeline: December 2014-May 2015

Results:┬áThe initial results from the website were favorable. Customers could easily access the information via the new site map and navigation. Each page was optimized for a given keyword phrase and quickly helped us gain positions in organic search engine result pages. A content management system was employed to allow any employee access to make changes without knowledge of HTML code. New items were added to the online store and helped gain tens of thousands of dollars that hadn’t been realized on the former website. I presented the initial results to executive management and an industry association we are members of. After a member saw the presentation, I was asked to present to a separate industry organization.


Website prior to re-design:


Website after re-design: