I recently read an article on WaitButWhy.com about how creepy kids looked in vintage ads(pre-1960s). Then while flipping through my Midwestern Living magazine over the weekend, I see a nice illustrated ad of a family washing the car and having fun. I start to turn the page when my eye is caught by the little boy.

Belgard Hardscapes Ad Full

He’s not just a little boy though, he’s a creepy little kid, just like the ones from the advertisements on the WaitButWhy.com article! He is way too excited about shining the tires and his mom getting squirted with water. Way too excited…

Creepy Kid Face

If the marketing firm intended to catch my attention, this advertisement did. It made me stare at the kid for a while (without being able to look away) and then ask what the heck the ad was for. I hope this doesn’t mean we have a creepy kids in print advertisements revival. The other Belgard Hardscapes ads do not contain creepy looking children. Has anyone else spotted creepy kids in recent/modern advertisements?